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Black Label

May 10, 2007

Johnny Walked
into a bar,
his swagger prompting
the dancing crowd to part.

He made his way toward her
as she raised her glass
in greeting.
He stares into her eyes
with arrogance fermented
from bottles of anonymity.

They dance,
she succumbing to his tempo,
one mastered
with each sip,
each smile
in every blotted invitation–

intentions hidden
behind each gasp of
black swirling liquid,
through cork and stopper
(throat and chest)
through the labels
(one button after the other)
on the floor
(when weakened knees give way).

Johnny walked away,
his swagger a tempered warmth
providing a cold safety
that lingered in the dregs.

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In your shade

May 5, 2007


I am a nomad–
running barefoot
on cracked earth,
chased by shadows within shadows
blood seeping across the sky,
harbinger of midnights winds
holding frozen knives at my throat.

You are a tree–
your branches vessels
cupping dreams of me
cradled in your shade,
my final resting place
where I can collapse at your feet,
slowly dying

to be planted by your side.

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Rax notes:

this was originally entitled Shade of my Heart,
and was inspired by Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series-
specifically the Aiel people and how they consider death
more of a lover or a friend than a feared enemy.

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