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May 18, 2007

You left the lights on again…

I tread through
the floor that doubled
as your closet space,
carefully weaving
my way through the
empty coke bottles
and scratched CDs
you buy everyday.

My foot grazed
a stack of worn books
you taught me to read
and I tripped,
landing on the carpet
I took hours to pick
only to be patterned
by cigarette burns.

I lay still
staring at the
signed poster of
our favorite band
before pulling myself up
on the bedpost
you normally hung
the cap I gave you.

I sat on the bed
and stroked the stain
that you attempted
to get rid of
countless times
with bleach that
only ended up
wrinkling your hands.

I stood up
and approached
the switch,
longing to touch it,
remembering all the times
I disturbed your sleep
and begged you
to do it for me.

Instead I turned
and retraced my path,
resisting the urge
to leave a sign
of my trespass,
even if it was just
a simple act of
switching the lights off.

For you.

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May 11, 2007

You must find it
fascinating how–
moths are riveted
to the flickering pyre
you dangle
in between fingertips.
Its wings dance
alongside silent, gray tendrils
escaping your breath.
Circling around,
irrevocably drawn
to the sighs
that kiss your lips.
Saltine beads,
tease your temple,
then your cheekbone,
curving around your jaw.
A faint smile shows
your minute amusement
at how this creature
will leave a field of flowers
for the scent of sweat.
This drab cousin
of the butterfly,
craves attention
and will stay still
on your palm
staring up
in simple-minded wonder
at the meteor
about to burn
its wings.

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Formula for comfort sex

April 4, 2007

Let us plot the intersection
points of comfort sex.
Let y equal me
Let x equal you
let us lie down
and make an equal sign.
you then climb me
based on the probability
of who lasts longer
when we whittle away the hours
joined at the vertex
of flexible angles,
sometimes rotating,
sometimes bending,
often shifting
from 45 to 90 degrees,
building momentum,
colliding against
every curve
letting the sweat drop
like Newton’s rain
of two apples
bouncing with the
speed of light
until we reach
the apex and
you climb down
and leave right away.
After all we
let ex equal you
and why equal me.

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