AFTERGLOW: a poetry blog on love, romance and sex.

credits: header image by uberjam.

magic skies by uberjam
thoughts after darkness
turned to light

Soul's phantasm



where I keep my more serious or somber poetry and philosophy.


Let the thoughts
that haunt us
become flesh
and touch
these pages for
my memories have
faded with time,
becoming dreams,
shadowy phantasms,
of what might
and could have been.

So I write.




  1. poetry so easy to relate to. 🙂

    i’ve always had a thing against works whose meanings appear only to their makers. if it were that private, then we ought to have kept it to ourselves. let it stay that way.

    through art, as in life, we converse. why talk to one’s self?

    let us speak. pick up your pen. i have my pencil with me.

    keep them wonderful works coming!

  2. wow. glad that i found this blog, beautiful poetry here =)

    *will link you up, hope it’s ok.

  3. i found your blog interesting,
    can i add you to my linklist?

  4. Would you like to do a link exchange?

  5. Hi.I am a singer songwrittter. I LOVE your poems.i would love to put some music into these amazing words. OF COURSE if i publish them or use them anywhere u will the credit for your awesome writing . Would it be ok?

  6. I was reading your poetry and was wondering how you would feel about a guest post from a fellow poet? I could do something like 15 or 25 lines and forever link our blogs in the universe. I am at http://www.writealot.us and think that I even covered your writing ins a previous blog post of mine. I am developing as a writer and am at a place where i want to write works for people’s poetry walls so that I can get to know other people’s styles and so that disparate people can see mine.

    I look forward to hearing from you and think that writing poetry for your site would be interesting for both of us.

  7. Beautiful poetry, enjoy the sensuality and the soft hedonism …. great combination.

    Now if i can work out how to link this blog to my own – I’m a bit like Homer Simpson and the any key debacle!

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