June 24, 2007

I am a sidewinder

tongue, licking
thirsty lips as
my thrusting hips
sway their way to you

smoothly, weaving

belly, surfing waves
of hourglass sands,
winding side-valleys
marking hypnotic trails

only eyes can follow

you watch me shed
my skin- silk slipping
from shoulders,
hissing as it falls

on the floor. I am

slithering up your leg
contracting, coiling
around your snake:
pulsating soft flesh

of my sidewinder mouth.


  1. Great poem, Rax. Another driven by your passion!

  2. you make being a snake sound so aluring

  3. Even MORE steamy in its revised form. Very good, Rax!

  4. I hate snakes but I love this poem 🙂

  5. Steamy one no doubt… liked it but….keep writing..I am going to surely bookmark you lady.

  6. snakes — very interesting creatures.

    this poem — very sensual features. 🙂

  7. Bugaboo,The blog help me solve my problem. Thank you very much. May you happy everyday!

  8. Hopefully a reading of this work will be used in a music project I am involved with. Thank you.

  9. Hi you might be interested to know that the National Library of Australia has archived due to its significant cultural value the work of Australia’s leading erotic poet colin leslie dean

    You can view the site at
    Gamahucher Press/colin leslie dean was selected for preservation by the National Library of Australia. This title is scheduled to be re-archived regularly.

  10. Very sultry piece. 🙂

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