In white

May 30, 2007

summer wedding bells
veil the laughing bride in lace
white as straightjackets

*my first haiku! woohoo



  1. Hey,

    Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment. I’m curious though how did you come by my blog?

    I really like this haiku though. I’m not much of a poetry person, but I liked the twist at the end.

    Good first try. 🙂

  2. Hi!
    I’m here because I saw your comments on my net friend Soulless’ poetry blog.
    This is a strong haiku. I love the last line!

  3. HA! Finally, haiku worth reading. Generally can’t stand the form other than traditional. Much overused and everybody and their brother thinks they can do it. YOU, on the other hand present a wry sense of humor in it. I do like. (the only other haiku I read is Evyl’s)

  4. I like it. I am not much into haiku either . I like twisted ends.

  5. LOL, I have to agree with ozy!!! Not a haiku fan but this one ROCKS!!! said the very single Pink LOL

  6. I love the connotations that the last line bring to mind about marriage and bondage.

  7. Your first haiku !
    Looking at these and the ones over at your other place, it is hard to believe. You have a natural gift.

  8. thank you! i’m still trying to learn about the traditional form on nature and seasons. i must admit, its harder than just mere pasting 5-7-5 lines.

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