May 18, 2007

Tonight I am on a pilgrimage.

I kneel before the bed
that is your pedestal,
gazing up at your image of
half-closed eyes and half-open mouth.
Like a good devout, I reach out to trace
the invisible skein of your senses,
fingertips trailing goosebumps
along your belly and inner thighs.

I bow my head to greet your other one,
beginning the slow litany of
caresses climbing your world-tree
using reverent lips that have
always chanted your name.
I speak in tongues that lick, flick
and swirl around in fervent worship,
until it is you that begs me
to take you inside the altar

that is my mouth.


One comment

  1. Hmmm, now that’s a poem… Love it… check out some of my more “erotica” poem… Thanks for sharing

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