May 5, 2007


You took my heart
and rubbed it clean
with your sleeve,
erasing its scars by
inhaling my soul and
blowing out the sadness
into the air.

I am sun kissed when you
catch me creeping around
the border of shadows,
tugging me away with
the kind of amusement
a child earns when caught
with hand in cookie jars.

Yet I am still incomplete,
broken in places your warmth
has not been able to mend.
Maybe this time I’ll reach further
for your outstretched hand
so you don’t have to come
down to get me every time.

Really, I’ll try harder,
because I know…
I can love you much better than this.

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  1. Wow!

  2. Amazing. The depth of emotion and honesty is a breathtaking combination. Thank you.

  3. lollicherries and fox: thank you for taking the time to read my work

  4. …..Wow. This is excellent.

  5. […] shadows again {May 05, 2007}   …. touch me ~ Reach a poem by […]

  6. ‘erasing it’s scars, by inhaling my soul and blowing out the sadness..’
    this poem is full of hope and love but still tinged with sadness…Wow!

  7. I just fell in love with this poem! I am doing a post about it at Poets Who Blog.

  8. wow I’m flattered 🙂

  9. shakir: thank you for your kind words everyone

  10. Yep I agree. That gave me chills. It has a lot of truth in it – it’s true for many people.

  11. Very nice. visit my daily spot…

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